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Hall Effect


A current I flows in one axis (typically 20· 200 mA). 
A voltage E is created perpendicular to the current flow when a
magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the voltage and current planes. 
The more perpendicular the applied field, the greater the voltage. 
The Hall Voltage (VH) = E = BIL.sine(0°) 

B = applied magnetic field 
I = applied electric current
L = a constant for the Hall crystal material
sine = a trigonometric function, often appearing on calculators as “sin”
0°  = angle between magnetic field and Active Hall device element 


To evaluate the effect that a magnetic field has on current flow
through a device by testing while moving the magnet in and out. 
We can then rotate the magnet to change the polarity
of the magnetic field 
to complete the measurements.